From 9 seats to double decker 80 seats, full optional vehicles for a comfort without equal

Di Fonzo fleet boasts top of the line vehicles.
It reanges from a pratical 9 seats Sprinter valido tanto per gite familiari quanto per viaggi aziendali, valuable as for excursions with the family as for business trip, still to a double deck Setra per grandi spostamenti.
Up throughHD, VIP, versiones, not forgetting the comfortable buses equipped with lifts, that ensure a full access for people with disabilities.

Setra S 431 DT<br>75/80 posti

Setra S 431 DT
75/80 posti

Setra S 431 DT<br>70/80 posti

Setra S 431 DT
70/80 posti

Setra S 431 DT<br>76 posti

Setra S 431 DT
76 posti

Setra S 517 HDH<br>59 posti

Setra S 517 HDH
59 posti

Setra S 517 HD<br>57 posti

Setra S 517 HD
57 posti

Setra S 516 HD<br>53 posti

Setra S 516 HD
53 posti

Setra S 515 HD<br>49posti

Setra S 515 HD

Setra S 415 GT HD<br>49 posti

Setra S 415 GT HD
49 posti

Irisbus New Domino HDH<br>49 posti

Irisbus New Domino HDH
49 posti

Setra S 411 HD<br>41/43 posti

Setra S 411 HD
41/43 posti

Setra S 411 HD Vip Class<br>29 posti

Setra S 411 HD Vip Class
29 posti

Iris bus<br>24 posti

Iris bus
24 posti

Sprinter<br>19 posti

19 posti

Sprinter<br>18 posti

18 posti

Sprinter<br>16 posti

16 posti

Sprinter<br>9 posti

9 posti

Di Fonzo got a very wide range of bus, making available newest and top of the line vehicles with professional drivers for your requests.
For leisure or business travels, private tours or excursions.

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