With the Difonzo card, you have access to all the promotions on the line Vasto-Lanciano-Rome.

You can activate or renew the Difonzo Card with only 5 euros, online or to the ticketing counter.

If you do it online, they are activated immediately and you can have access to the discounts right away. While, if you do it at the ticketing counters, or the Difonzo Agency, the card will be valid the day after.

The card is strictly personal and you cannot pass on the discount to others.

The card has a one year expiration date

You can read terms and condition  at this page.
If you want the card, click here.

Terms of condition:
•On line at www.difonzobus.com or through Di Fonzo Viaggi srl ticketing (Vasto C.so Mazzini,136 – Tel. 0873.367146; Lanciano C.so Trento e Trieste, 76 – 0872.717833);